Our Process

1. On-site inspection

A field rep will come to your home and inspect the damage and determine whether there is a high likelihood of getting a claim approved for wind or hail damage.

Our Process

2. File a Claim

If the chances of getting approval from the insurance company are high, we’ll help you file the claim. Don’t worry, this type of claim will not cause your rates to go up.

Our Process

3. Adjustment Approval

Your representative from our company will ensure that all notable damage found at the initial inspection is taken into consideration by your insurance company during the adjustment, leading to a high approval rate.

Our Process

4. Roof Installation

Once the claim is successful, we’ll install a new roof. We can also repair other damages inside your home. Your only out-of-pocket cost is your insurance deductible.

Construction is broken.

We're fixing it.

By replacing outdated systems with industry-leading technology, you get faster turn-around times and better results. And it's paid for by insurance, which means low out-of-pocket expenses for you.

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Our Services


From small repairs to full replacements, an improved roofing system will elevate the aesthetics and value of your property. Working through insurance or out of pocket, we make it affordable with quality never being compromised.

Our Services


Creating beautiful spaces out of your vision for your property. Not sure where to start? Work with one of our remodeling experts to design a plan that is tailored to you.

Our Services

New Construction

With our OSHA compliant safety standards and vertically integrated labor force, we lead with industry in our ability to deliver timely results that fall within the confines of your budget with the quality of materials & workmanship you deserve.

Our Services


Your property and business are vulnerable to events like tornados and hailstorms, loss of power, equipment damage, roof collapse from snow, and more. We engineer a solution custom-built to your budget, energy and business concerns.

Past Projects

Our Work

We believe that every property owner deserves a project they are proud of. We put the same thought, time, and energy into every project and won’t stop till you are satisfied with every detail. For us, details matter. Southeastern approaches construction differently. With a focus on tech and in-house labor, you receive an experience unmatched in the industry. We understand the process is not always easy, but we can promise it will end with a result you will show off for years to come.

Company Culture

Our People

At Southeastern Reconstruction, our family-like company culture leads to our employees coming to work every day excited to better our company and the services that we offer to our customers. It is our mission to provide all of our employees with the platform and environment to do their best work. Here, we truly believe that our people are the difference between ourselves and every other company in the industry. We hope you see that in everything we do.

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